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Driven by the belief that great leaders can push student achievement levels to new heights, we partner with Texas public school districts to help educators become experts at leadership and to grow stronger leaders within their own systems.

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Since our founding in 2017, The Holdsworth Center has served 1,371 educators across 50 public school districts in Texas.

In our latest survey, 100 percent of alumni respondents said they were stronger leaders because of the skills gained through Holdsworth, and were more effective at leading change and delivering excellent and equitable outcomes for students.

Holdsworth Partnership

Launched: 2017

This multi-year investment is designed to help school districts grow a strong bench of outstanding leaders at all levels, with a focus on sitting and aspiring principals.

Teams of leaders are given the inspiration, tools and resources needed to grow through our 2-year District and Campus Leadership Programs.

A cornerstone of our model is a Holdsworth team of consultants who are embedded within districts to build best-in-class talent development systems.

“I wish every school in Texas had the opportunity to go through this program because the ways it has changed me, my leaders and my school are innumerable. Imagine if the impact could be spread statewide.”
A headshot photo of Claudia Carson, a coach specialist in Mesquite ISD.

Claudia Carson

Coach Specialist, Mesquite ISD

Leadership Collaborative

Launched: 2021

This 18-month experience is designed to support districts in building a strong bench of aspiring principals who are ready to step into school leadership positions when they arise.

A team of three – the superintendent and two district leaders – work with Holdsworth staff to define what great leadership looks like in their district and use this definition to design systems to strengthen and sustain their school leadership pipeline.

“Holdsworth gives us the time and expertise to inspect our systems and make them stronger. The collaboration has made Tomball ISD a better district.”
A headshot photo of Dr. Martha Salazar-Zamora, superintendent, Tomball ISD.

Dr. Martha Salazar-Zamora

Superintendent, Tomball ISD

Superintendent Leadership Program

Launched: 2021

This program addresses the rising complexity of the superintendent role amid unprecedented challenges in public education – a trend that is pushing more leaders to exit the profession.

The 18-month experience provides development in the most challenging, high-stakes, and high-leverage aspects of the superintendent’s job, as well as support from a network of peers and executive coaching from Holdsworth’s superintendents-in-residence.

“Holdsworth is the best professional growth opportunity and collaborative atmosphere I’ve ever been part of. This is absolutely the best thing that I've experienced not just for me, but for us as a district.”
A headshot photo of Mike Martindale, Superintendent, College Station ISD.

Mike Martindale

Superintendent, College Station ISD