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We are grateful to the organizations and individuals who have joined our efforts to make long-term, sustainable improvements within our Texas public schools by investing in Holdsworth.

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“I don’t think any organization can thrive without good leadership, and I believe the incredible ways in which Holdsworth is growing stronger leaders will make a meaningful difference in public schools.”
A headshot photo of Jonathan Hance, Partner, Bracewell Houston.

Jonathan Hance

Partner, Bracewell Houston

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“I believe we have a tremendous responsibility and opportunity to provide the best possible education to all kids. My investment in The Holdsworth Center is a vote of confidence in our public schools.”
A headshot photo of Charles Butt, Founder, The Holdsworth Center.

Charles Butt

Founder, The Holdsworth Center

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“Firstmark Credit Union was established by teachers in support of teachers. Holdsworth does an amazing job supporting educators who want to stay committed to this profession, and we know that's a meaningful investment for our members.”
A headshot photo of Marisa Perez-Diaz, Executive Director, Firstmark Foundation.

Marisa Perez-Diaz

Executive Director, Firstmark Foundation

Thank you to our supporters:

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What are Holdsworth leaders saying about the experience?

A headshot photo of Charles A. Land Jr.

Charles A.
Land Jr.


I can’t even begin to quantify the impact @HoldsworthCentr has had on my leadership growth & development. What an incredible journey with and incredible team! The journey is complete but the mission is just beginning! #Grateful #PurposeDefined

9:44 PM · June 16, 2022

A headshot photo of Jenny Strumbaugh.



THANK YOU @HoldsworthCentr for the quality of content you have provided us this year in the Collaborative and the connections you have helped us build with leaders outside of education. It will make public schools even better!

11:29 AAM · July 26, 2022

A headshot photo of Jaime Aquino.



I value my participation in the @HoldsworthCentr Superintendent Program. As the lead teacher in SAISD, I am always learning new strategies to better support learning in our schools. #SAISDFamilia #OurKidsAreWorthIt

10:17 AM · October 27, 2022

A headshot photo of Claudia Torres.



Proud to call myself an alum of The Holdsworth Center’s Campus Leadership Program. This was such a formative and eye-opening experience. Can’t wait to continue the work even after this is done. There’s still so much to do for public education.

2:15 PM · June 18, 2022